Have you heard of “micro-flats”?

Of course…. we’ve been building them in Auckland for the last 4 years.


If you’re living in London, you’ll be used to seeing it mentioned in newspapers and online. Some are saying this new style of housing development may be the answer to the housing crisis.

They have proved to be incredibly popular with tenants and provide an incredible yield.

The term “micro-flat” is also sometimes called a ‘micro-apartment’ or a ‘mini-flat’. However micro-flats are quite different to micro or mini flats which offer everything i.e. cooking, laundry, sleeping etc within 24 square metres. Micro-flats are just bedrooms with ensuites and tenants use common rooms for sharing facilities like cooking, dining, laundry.

This is the perfect explanation of what our apartments are however each one is a generous 24 sqm for the bedroom and onsuite, there is also a study nook and small fridge.

Few individuals fully understand the concept, or the benefits involved when purchasing a property of this nature so with that in mind, this post will help to set the record straight once and for all. There is a wealth of info below than anyone can read to gain a better perspective on the situation. By the time readers leave this page, they should grasp the concept of a micro-flat a little better, and that might encourage them to make better choices in the future. Micro-flats are here to stay, so it’s vital that everyone (especially younger readers) takes the time to educate themselves.

Source: Micro-Flats | PropertyTalk